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2nd September 2023

Today we visited the animal shelter (SVPAP) and donated the money with essential items from the charity event held last week at the academy to the owner and volunteers.  The money raised will go to a great cause and we felt really proud of our students for their dedication and motivation to help the animals in need. 

25th August 2023

Drawing to the end of the summer school, we decided to hold a charity market to raise money for an animal shelter SVPAP in Valencia. We raised €300 selling hand-made jewellery that the students had made in class. We also received blankets, cleaning products and food for the cats and dogs. 

20th May 2023

We are very proud to be an official Cambridge exams preparation centre. We can prepare our students for the official exams from A1-C2 online and at the academy. 

30th January 2023

This week we met the Mayor of El Perelló to receive our academy licence. He was was very pleased to welcome a language academy in El Perelló and wishes us luck in the future. 

Feliz día del amor y la amistad 14/02/2023

9 de febrero

Este mes celebramos lo importante que son las emociones positivas para la enseñanza. Sabemos que el aprendizaje es mucho más efectivo cuando se enseña desde el respeto y el cariño. 

We love teaching ! 

18th February 2023

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A really busy week celebrating Valentine’s day and Carnival. It’s been great!

Abierto el plazo de matrícula para la escuela de verano 2023.